Continually investing in development of new technologies, Precisa Gravimetrics AG funds wide-ranging research by an in-house team of highly skilled engineers and technicians. In addition, Precisa maintains close cooperation with national and international universities, technical colleges and colleges of applied science to ensure that product innovations meet the latest technological requirements.

The result is a state-of-the-art product range, which fully reflects traditional Swiss characteristics such as precision, quality and reliability – plus a complete range of customer specific benefits.

Our uncompromising quality standards in research, manufacturing, design and after-sales service have made Precisa one of the leading brands in our business field world-wide. As a result, Precisa products are available in more than 1OO countries around the globe, exceeding the expectations of their excellent image in countless laboratories and institutions. Precisa users throughout the world benefit daily from our unique levels of competent support, quick processing time and individual, customer-oriented solutions. Anytime, anywhere.

Precisa Ltd is the independent UK arm of Precisa Gravimetrics AG. Formed in 1982, Precisa is the exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland for all Precisa Instruments products.

Precisa Ltd was accredited to UKAS in October 1992 for the calibration of non-automatic weighing machines up to 400kg capacity. In October 1999 we were accredited by Nmi (Netherlands) through ISO9001:2000 for the self verification of Class II and Class I weighing machines. ISO17025 for our UKAS system was gained in August of 2000.

Our philosophy is to provide good value for money products and services with an open- ended commitment to continuity and "back-up" for all of our customers. We have confidence and pride in the good quality and dependable nature of all of our products and that they meet the necessary technical and legal requirements of our customers as well as the other expectations.

We take particular notice of giving our customers fast and reliable service, and a knowledgeable technical information service. A further aim of Precisa Ltd is to help our customers to help their customers in turn, by ensuring quality is kept up and costs kept down.

Precisa Ltd is based in Milton Keynes in central England with good road and rail links in a busy and expanding city. We have service and sales engineers throughout the country as well as a network of loyal and professional agents, serving a wide and increasing number of satisfied customers.